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Jerry Nelson

PLEASE NOTE: Right now I'm busy with a few shoots and gigs in Argentina and South America. . However, specific, time-limited opportunities will always be looked at and discussed.END NOTE

Nelson's work has appeared in such major publications as Yahoo! News, Argentina Independent, CNN, USAToday, Washignton Post as well as The Huffington Post and many national and international outlets.



At Lujan Zoo You Can Walk with the Animals (Includes interview and first-hand account)

An hour west of Buenos Aires in Argentina is a spot where tourists don't often visit. Lujan Zoo will give the visitor more memories than just Tango lessons.

Argentina President is Hanging Her Country Out to Dry

Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has stumbled across a unique way to keep herself from crashing on the rocks below this economic fall that she has created for herself. Open up the doors and encourage money launderers from around the globe to put their money into Argentina bank vaults -- with no questions asked. Link to Story

Argentine Courts Work to Restore Sanity to Country's Failed Economic Policies

The official inflation data has been widely viewed as inaccurate, created by a corrupt government to hide the real cost of inflation and allowing it to underpay it's debts.
The Huffington Post Link to Story

Sea Spray and Time Travel

The sea spray was coming over the gunwale (pronounced “Gun’l”). At first I thought we were passing through a momentary squall, so I slid deeper into the mummy bag to hide from the rude drops of rain that were pelting my face. When I realized the pellets of water were not coming in a steady attack, but rather in an advance-and-retreat pattern I knew it wasn’t rain.

Greed and Destruction in the Mountains (Part I)

NOTE:This is Part I of a five part series that explores the history of coal mining in southern West Virginia during the 20th century. Matewan, population 459, sits at the convergence of two chocolate covered rivers. The Tug Fork River and Mate Creek merge. The rivers started showing the effects of coal mining not long after coal was first discovered nearby by in 1742.

Israel and Lebanon Trade Rocket Attacks, 5 Killed in Car Bombing

Lebanese rockets hit northern Israel early Sunday morning. No one was injured in the fusillade, but Israel did retaliate with some rocket firings of their own. People living in the small, northern ...

‘Lake Effect Snow’ Affecting Buffalo and Toronto

Not only is it time for a holly, jolly Christmas; but if you’re in Buffalo, NY or Toronto, Canada, it’s also the season for snow. While very few North Americans have ever heard of "lake-effect snow...

Argentina Heat Wave Stirs Pot of Political Unrest in Buenos Aires

South America’s second largest country is under a state of emergency and teetering on martial law as a result of government inefficiency and Mother Nature joining forces. Buenos Aires’ Mayor, Mauri...

The New Anti-Protest Law You Need to Know About

With zero luck in capturing real terrorists, the alphabet soup of entities allegedly charged with making America safe have begun to stretch their definition of terrorism in a way that belies belief. The DHS, NSA, FBI and TSA have a shortage of ...

Remembering Chico Mendes on the 25th Anniversary of His Assassination.

It was a sticky, hot summer day on December 22, 1988, when Chico Mendes stepped from the back door of his small home to take a shower in the backyard. . As he stood under the shower head, a rifle shot rang out and Chico fell dead. . Inside, at his k...

Vigilantes, Drug Cartels and Me

For four weeks in the summer of 2012, I was “embedded” with vigilantes who patrol the desert between Phoenix and the Mexican border. The strain and stress of this shoot was so great that it took several weeks to clear my head enough to commit the story to paper. There is more to tell, much more.

IT Advisory Firm Puts People over Profits in Argentina

Scattered throughout Cordoba are eight highly motivated employees. While some work from their kitchen table, others work from the cafe on the corner. Some dress for work and others punch the clock in tattered jeans and a T-shirt. While their working conditions vary, two things are constant with each.


Jerry Nelson

Photojournalism placed right in the heart of the moment

Jerry Nelson is no ordinary man. He’s neither bound by the daily grind nor held back by convention. He has travelled the length and breadth of the Americas to photograph the North, the South and of course its people in their all-encompassing always awe inspiring walks of life.

As a true on the road independent Jerry is a travel and adventure photojournalist as well as a freelance editor whose own story remains unfinished. His body of work however tells a thousand stories by way of commissioned projects, an expanding stock image library, through article assignments and the photography lessons he so frequently gives.

Work that speaks for itself

Skilfully capturing American life in a de facto light Jerry’s talent would otherwise be wasted if not shared with the world.

As such his work is used by leading media companies and top flight print publications around the globe. His images have been viewed by millions via TV, print, books, online and on tangible products. His stock images are listed in the planet’s top image repositories as well as readily available through this website.

With humanitarian leanings Jerry has also worked on various assignments in the non-profit and NGO sectors and is always keen to work on all causes close to his own beliefs.

Ever the professional he shares his passion and skill by teaching, writing and giving tours on how he does what he does and what he encounters on his travels when armed with nothing more than a camera.

Capturing culture, country and everything that crosses his path Jerry has the ability to get in the middle of it all. If you want your readers, viewers, browsers, customers or yourself do the same you’ve came to the right place.

For Assignments, Commissions, Stock Photography, Tours, Workshops or Article Writing don’t hesitate to contact Jerry today @



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